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Landlord & Tenant

We can provide both residential and commercial landlords with help and advice to ensure that any legal matters are dealt with fairly and appropriately.

Our team has many years of experience in landlord and tenant work. We offer help, support and advice, leading to a swift and reasonable resolution that is in the best interests of our client.

Landlord and Tenant for Business

With more and more businesses now entering the property market, recent legislation has made it more complex and this is likely to continue.

Using our expertise and knowledge, we can ensure that the letting of your property runs smoothly. The team at Jacklyn Dawson are here to offer the legal advice you need to run your business efficiently and with as little disruption as possible.

We can advise in relation to problems which arise at the end of a tenancy where you seek to reclaim your property. We are also here when day-to-day problems arise with individual tenants, such as rent arrears and your tenant's failure to look after the property.

For those in household property we will do our best to ensure that your landlord honours his obligations allowing you to run your business without disruption.

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Landlord and Tenant:

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