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Divorce and Family Law

We aim to help minimise stress and resolve the most complex of family matters. Throughout the process, you will have a dedicated family lawyer to give you regular updates and answer any questions you might have.

We are very experienced in resolving difficult financial claims between divorcing couples. We will encourage settlement negotiations as soon as is realistic and you will always receive objective and practical advice.

Our advice is always tailored to your own circumstances since no two cases will ever be exactly the same.

Divorce & Financial Relief

Family problems can be some of the most upsetting and difficult to deal with. The emotional distress, upheaval and financial implications of separation and divorce can often seem unsolvable.

With first-hand experience of the emotional and financial pressures you may be under, we can offer practical advice and support to guide you through every aspect of separation or divorce.

Unmarried couples

When unmarried couples separate, significant issues can arise over the ownership of property and the financial provision for any children and we can guide you through this.

Cohabitation, Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial agreements

We can advise on cohabitation agreements, which specify from the outset the financial arrangements intended during the relationship and beyond.

When drafting pre-nuptial agreements, we focus on understanding you and your requirements, negotiating and refining the agreement to suit you.


For any separated or separating parent, the most important issue will be their child/children. We can advise on all private law matters involving children, such as the time a child spends with each of their parents and other practical matters. All cases where children are involved require a high level of sensitivity, discretion and specialist knowledge. We will always seek to gain a clear understanding of the issues before helping you to seek a child-focused, practical and workable solution.


If you are concerned about costs we offer a free telephone consultation and a fixed fee meeting and fixed fee divorces. You will be informed about the costs from the outset so that you can make an informed decision.



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