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Employment Law

Today it is often said that there is no such thing as a job for life. However, it is in the interests of both business owners and individuals to ensure that employees are always treated fairly and within the specific confines of employment law.

In order to be able to do this, employers and employees need impartial and competent legal advice. The experienced team at Jacklyn Dawson can offer just that. We are pleased to act for either employer or employee and it may be possible to arrange a free initial assessment of the case.

Employment Law for businesses

From the perspective of a company or business, large or small, its human resources are its most valuable asset. Sound advice on all aspects of employment-related issues could prevent time-consuming and costly disputes with staff, which can threaten the integrity of any business. At the same time, a professional approach to all these issues marks out a business from the crowd and can foster improved staff morale.

We can assist in all aspects of employment law and advice.

Employment Law for individuals

As an employee, you will want to know that you are being treated fairly in the workplace. If anything should occur that suggests this is not the case, pursuing legal action can be a daunting prospect.

Our team of employment law specialists can offer help, support and advice to resolve any legal issues you might have with an employer, from wrongful or unfair dismissals to discrimination and other matters. 

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Employment Law:

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